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Tony Robbins Live Unleash Power Within Amazing Story - Sylvester Stallone Rocky Anthony Robbins Seminar Video UPW

Tony Robbins Live Unleash Power Within Seminar Anthony Robbins in this amazing live free Tony Robbins Audio Seminar tells the inspiring, moving, motivating, successful Amazing Story - Sylvester Stallone how Stallone went from broke poor with his dog as his only friend & against all odds went from a nobody bumming on the streets of America USA New New York USA to become boxer fighting all off in famous Oscar winning world champion movie "Rocky".

You can hear, see, feel the emotions, your will laugh you will cry, you will fell that you too are a Champion and let me tell you - You Are A Champion! you will be inspired success motivation mind power attraction to change your life ; never give up on your goals & dreams like Sylvestor Stallone being Rocky hear Tony Robbins tell is all here live at the fire walk UPW Unleash the Power Within Seminar Anthony Robbins Seminar Video audio free.

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Tony Robbins Get Robbins Power - New Web Resource Anthony Robbins Goals, Dreams, Money, Relationships, Tony Robbins Divorce Revealed Free EBook

Tony Robbins Free Success Newsletter eBook Report Divorce Secrets Get Robbins Power -

New Web Resource on Tony Robbins Unlimited Giant Power Success, this newly unleashed web free robbins report will have you fire walking with excitement.

Anthony Robbins Goals, Dreams, Money, Riches, Relationships,
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Get Robbins Power Blog Interesting Anthony Robbins Success Story, How a Young Sales Guy made $150,000 top Sales Champion using Tony Robbins

Anthony Robbins Success Story Get Robbins Power Blog

Interesting Anthony Robbins Success Story, How a Young Sales Guy made $150,000 top Sales Champion using Tony Robbins Personal Power, Power to Influence Sales Mastery, Unleash the Power Within, developing massive drive, listening to Anthony Robbins audio of Awaken the Giant Within & Personal Power non stop every waking monent he was not working 12 hour + days in the sales office.

This Robbins inspired sales champion went several times to see Tony Robbins UPW fire walk seminar & he got the edge in his sales going from a junior sales trainee cold calling, to a success goal hitting achievement rising star, to beating 100s of sales people in his company in USA, America, UK & Europe, & earning over $150,000 in his 1st year in his sales job, using Tony Robbins goal setting, motivational ideas & modeling the young Successful Anthony Robbins who started his career as a door to door cold calling sales man.

You can read all about it on his Tony Robbins Get Robbins Power Success Blog

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Tony Robbins Top 10 Power Motivation Success Secrets From Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Seminar Mastery Success Motivational Tips learned from international motivational speaker Anthony Robbins on success, power and personal strength as retold by professional speaker and consultant Thomas Murrell.

The Top 10 Secrets From Anthony Robbins
By Thomas Murrell

For more than 25 years US-based motivational speaker success coach Anthony Robbins has been passionately pursuing the answers to questions such as 'What shapes human behavior? And how can we create lasting change within ourselves and others?'.

He Tony Robbins has spoken in front of more than 3 million people around the world and sold around 35 million books and audio coaching products.

After attending his 4-day Anthony Robbins 'Unleash The Power Within' seminar recently in Kuala Lumpur I learnt many strategies to perform at your best.

I even took part in his famous barefoot walk over hot coals. This powerful physical metaphor shows how anyone can overcome their deepest and greatest fears with focus, passion and desire.

Part rock concert, part learning experience, part aerobic workout, the seminar was attended by more than 4,000 people in a giant indoor sporting stadium that was built for the Commonwealth Games.

Standing 6'7", weighing 265 lbs and with a shoe size of 16, Anthony Robbins was impressive on stage as he harnessed the energy of the crowd.

In fact, security guards have to line the stage as he is regularly swamped by over eager fans.

At 43 years old, he has been enormously successful and worked with people like
President Clinton and Melson Mendela.

What was it like?

Hot, humid, high energy and simple take home messages packaged with a high-tech light, sound and video show.

I was impressed, motivated & got some great ideas from it, Tony Robbins Seminar Power UPW

Here is my gift to you.

The Anthony Robbins Top 10 Secrets of Success I learned from spending 4 days with
Tony Robbins


As the promotional material for Anthony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Seminar says the event was 'about creating breakthroughs, moving beyond fears and limiting beliefs, accomplishing goals and realizing true desires, turning dreams into reality, creating fulfilling relationships, and modeling the strategies of peak performers to produce a quantum difference in your life.'

If you cut out the hype, the simple message is if you believe in yourself enough you can achieve anything.

A memorable one-liner was "the only thing that's keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself".


Ask anyone and most people will admit they lack confidence in some areas of their life. The interesting thing I learnt from this Robbins seminar is that this self-doubt is around universal themes. These themes cross age, gender, religious, cultural and language barriers.

Common doubts include 'I am not good enough', 'I am lazy' and 'No-one loves me'.


Anthony Robbins calls it 'immersion' where you break old patterns and build new ones by repetition. Tony Robbins uses a lot of Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP techniques to achieve this with his audiences.

Tony says "progress is not automatic".

A memorable moment in the seminar was when we had to visualize ourselves inside a bubble and inside that bubble was a series of videotapes neatly arranged in a time-line that represented all our memories in our lives so far. We had to pull out the negative videotapes and destroy them. This was followed by time spent visualising the future and how your life will look 10 and 20 years from now. This is an NLP style technique.


The Tony Robbins message was that 3 things shape our self-belief. Robbins calls them the Triad. These are our patterns of physiology, focus and language or meaning.

Tony highlighted this with the quote: "where focus goes energy flows".


Robbins believes you can "vanquish whatever is holding you back from taking action".

Walking barefoot across a bed of glowing coals Tony Robbins Fire Walk is the physical metaphor he uses in his seminars to prove this point to the skeptics.

Eliminate negative self-belief and take massive action are his keys to success.


"Where focus goes energy flows" is a quote used by Robbins in his presentation to highlight why you need to know your outcome and why achieving this is a must.

But many people fail to take the next step. They delay, put off and find many reasons or excuses not to act.

Robbins believes "progress is not automatic" and "action is power". Take action, even if it is the wrong action. He says it is "never a failure if you learn something".


Robbins spent a fair amount of time in the seminar talking about and demonstrating interpersonal communication skills.

He used people from the audience to show how the process of "matching and mirroring" the non-verbal communication and body language of others can be a very powerful way to connect with people.

In essence, you create rapport by adopting the body language of the person you are communicating with.

Tony Robbins believes "rapport is power" and "total responsiveness is created by a feeling of commonality".

If you have learnt these techniques before and haven't used them for a while, I suggest it is time to dust them off and put them into action next time you are communicating with someone on a one-to-one basis.


Robbins believes that "to have an extraordinary quality of life you need two skills: the science of achievement (the ability to take anything you envision and make it real) and the art of fulfilment (this allows you to enjoy every moment of it)."

Tony says "success without fulfillment is failure".

Find your passion and purpose in life. My purpose is to make a difference in people's lives and use my gift as a speaker.


To gain improvements quickly and step up to a new level of achievement, Anthony Robbins believes learning from others who are the best in their field is the fastest way to achieve success.

Tony told the story of how he wanted to improve his tennis game and so employed Andre Agassi, the then number one ranked player to help him achieve this.

Who could you model yourself on?

"People's lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group," according to Anthony Robbins.


If you are not healthy - all of the above points are a waste of time.

Your health is determined and influenced by your lifestyle Tony Robbins health seminar & Anthony Robbins eats green & drinks tony robbins green drink to alkalize.

One major change I've made since the seminar is to eat a healthier diet and exercise more regularly.

As a speaker, my whole business depends on my ability to perform at a peak state. Like any professional athlete, the success of business is directly linked to my diet and health.

Take care of yourself, your body is ultimately your most important asset.

Thomas Murrell MBA CSP is an international business speaker, consultant and award-winning broadcaster. Media Motivators is his regular electronic magazine read by 7,000 professionals in 15 different countries. You can subscribe by visiting
Thomas can be contacted directly at +6189388 6888 and is available to speak to your conference, seminar or event. Visit Tom's blog at

Article Source:

Thank you Thomas!

Another brilliant Law Of Attraction Mind Power Motivational Success Sales Seminar Brian Tracy really was the very first success self-help expert I got into The Psychology Of Achievement Brian Tracy Success
Unleash the Power Within Anthony Robbins Seminar Top 10 Power Motivation Success tips from UPW with Tony Robbins.

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Anthony Robbins Power of Questions Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Success Secret Power of Questions Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins is the master of success, & often people, you or me, or Tony Robbins, success is caused by what we do. For example for a sales manager of small business owner, making more sales calls, sending more sales letters, emails, doing more marketing is all actions a business own or sales executive can do to create more opportunity to contact more people, to serve.

Now if we do not take action, & I know from the above example, as I was top selling sales person in any company I worked in before I sent up my own business over 8 years ago, where I still did hands on selling, and 80 telesales style cold calls on the phone daily, as well as client meetings, training my staff in sales & Managing my Sales staff too & motivating them.

We are all human, some days, we have a "bad day" or me... personally for some reason
I hated Monday mornings with the "Monday Blues" even though I was the boss. I guess those morning I did not listen to Get the Edge or Personal Power II by Anthony Robbins because good old Tony Robbins really fires a person up to motivation!

"Monday Blues" or "Bad Days" or feeling "off" this emotion, certainly does NOT cause us to want to take action. Now that can be a problem as Action = Money. No Action = No Success = No Money. No Money = more "bad days" your in trouble in a downward spiral... Anthony Robbins to the rescue as Tony Robbins Power is needed!

YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR "BAD STATE" (BAD EMOTION ala feeling like crap days inside) to a State of Action, Power, RobbinsPower! change your stage to an emotion of power. Success is using your Tony Robbins Personal Power, You got to get robbins power in you, as you will Get the Edge.

Anthony Robbins has Power Questions to help change your state to a state emotion of positive feeling, power, & inner strenght.. Tony Robbins will tell you use the Anthony Robbins Poer of Questions... Here is a short article where the author explain more on Robbins Power Questions.

Gerry Nolan Author Ebook Tony Robbins Secret to Becoming a Multi Millionaire

Anthony Robbins - Power of QuestionsHow to apply a simple yet powerful tool by Anthony Robbins immediately in any situation. The secret is to just ask yourself empowering or quality questions and suddenly you will discover the answers by yourself.

Anthony Robbins - Power of Questions

By Philip Ang

One of Anthony Robbins' tools is on the power of questions. It is very simple to apply, yet many people fail to realize the power.

Well, this might have happened to you or to your friends... Imagine yourself at the beach, with the cool breeze gently brushing your face and you can hear the soothing sounds of birds chirping and the wonderful scenery of the sea captivating your eyes.

Then at the corner of your right eyes, something caught your attention. As you turn to face it, your eyes almost popped out!

It is the most beautiful, most majestic 3-story bungalow house that you have even seen. As you continue to admire it, you cannot help but to run towards the house to get a closer view.

As you are getting nearer, you notice that actually there is a banner and it says... "For Sale". You have always wanted to get a house by the beach and this particular house seems to the dream house that you have been searching all these years.

Then it asked yourself... "It looks expensive, I can't afford it." With that, you turn around, with your head and shoulder dropping, you walked away. Or should you say this... "How can I afford this beautiful house?" Comparing the two statements, which statement will drive you to take action to achieve your desire.

Using questions or quality questions, we can actually manage or turn-around a situation for the better.

"The quality of our life is a direct reflection of the quality of questions we asked ourselves".
This is one tool that you can implement immediately. It is simple yet powerful and effective.

Always ask a better quality question. One that will empower you, not disempower you.

Another example, if you are thinking " I don't earn enough."
Try changing it to " What has to happen so that I can double or triple my income."
Can you detect a shift in your emotions?

Whenever you catch yourself asking disempowering questions, just add the power phrase
" what has to happen..."

For the rest of the week, write down disempowering questions and convert them
to empowering questions.

Bonus tip: You have to write out your thoughts with pen and paper and not just thinking out aloud in your mind.

Reason no 1: More than 60,000 thought cross our mind daily. By writing it down, our sub-conscious mind will pay more attention to it.

Reason no 2: You can have fun with the process. After re-phrasing it with empowering questions, cross out or scratch the old disempowering question or stab at it a few times. Then write the empowering question a few times. You may get instant solutions or insights as you write and you would want to take advantage of momentum to write down the new ideas immediately.

Reason no 3: You can keep a journal and then write a book or an ebook about your success journey in life.

Here are some quality questions that you can ask yourself anytime of the day to uplift you:

As you think of the questions, recall them using all the five senses if possible.
Take a deep breath as you start.

Ready? Let's begin.

- What are my some of my best achievements in the past?

- What are some of the best compliments or praises did I get in the past?

- When was the last time that I had such a good laugh that tears roll down my cheeks from over-laughing?

Philip Ang is the owner of For additional tips, click hereArticle Source:


That was a great article on Anthony Robbins Power Questions. Make sure you use this important success skills to change you by personal Power Tony Robbins.

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Tony Robbins 10 Lessons for Power Success Motivation Achieving Dreams Mastery of Goals Anthony Robbins Self Help

Anthony Robbins Motivation Self Help Fire Walk Success Seminar Guru gives you free advice.

Here are some great words of advice from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Power Success Motivation Achieving Dreams Mastery of Goals 10 Lessons

Tony Robbins has been an inspiration for millions.

Here are 10 lessons success self help lessons you can do right now from Tony Robbins:

1) By altering your body's physiology, you can achieve an immediate change of your emotional state. The mind will follow whatever state your physical body is in and not vice-versa.

2) Ask specific questions of yourself (in your self-talk) to direct and control your attention to the various aspects of the human experience. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions you ask of yourself.

3) Get leverage to create personal change by associating an old behavior with massive pain and the desired new behavior with massive pleasure. Tony is a big believer in the pain/pleasure principles of life and this applies in business as well.

4) When you get stuck, interrupt your limiting pattern by doing something totally unexpected.

5) You can condition your behavior by visualizing it over and over again. This is not exactly unique to Tony Robbins, but he does reinforce this message in all of his products.

6) Goal-setting strategy: Know your end outcome; Take massive intelligent action; Have sensory-acuity to notice if you are getting the results you desire and if not; change your approach; and change *until* you get your end outcome.

Tony Robbins knows all about getting goals, as he with from broke to making, $ 1000000 one million dollars in 1 year when Tony Robbins was just 24 years old.

I know Anthony Robbins lessons of success & getting your goals works too, as when
I set up my first business when I was only 28 years old, I was listening to Anthony Robbins Personal Power II audio & reading Awaken the Giant Within Tony Robbins Books & Personal Power non stop.

I made over $1.4 million in my 1st year in business using Tony Robbins Success Secrets. You can read about how Anthony Robbins went from broke to wealthy rich success, & how I used Tony Robbins teaching to make $1.4 million in 1 year too. I tell all in my Tony Robbins ebook.
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7) Create a "Compelling future" by vividly imagining your end result to generate enthusiasm and power within yourself. The past does not equal the future. Find beliefs that support your goals and desires.

8) Youth is Power! This is one of Tony's beliefs. Even if you don't have fancy degrees, your youth can still mean power, flexibility and opportunity for your life.

9) Principles of CANI! CANI stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvement. It's a basic tenet of Tony Robbins.

10) NLP can be useful. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and there are many NLP undertones in Tony's basic tenets. He went on to morph NLP into his own technology called "NAC" (Neuro Associative Conditioning).

Tony Robbins has said the true basic facts of success here in this article. Follow what you read here & you can be successful just like Anthony Robbins Broke to Millionaire Success Story

God Bless


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Anthony Robbins Power Destiny Success Secrets Life Story of Tony Robbins Success, Wealth, Robbins Divorce, Love, RobbinsBio Free E-Report

Anthony Robbins Power Destiny Success Secrets Life Story Tony Robbins Success, Wealth, Robbins Divorce, Love, RobbinsBio Free E-Report

Tony Robbins lives the dream for sure, & me using what Motivational Coach Success Guru
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(See I am from rainy wet Ireland... too cold there, so my dream was to go "tropical" and Anthony Robbins stuff helped me DO IT!!!!

"Anthony Robbins Biography Life Story" Copy the Plan of the Master: The Secrets of Tony Robbins Fame Fortune ebook"

This is a book of 115 pages, I wrote, for the "newbie" to Tony Robbins which tells you all how Tony Robbins went from being a poor kid, to a rich multi-millionaire, get success, fame, love, money, health, & happiness.

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